Footages UK soldiers within the frameworks “United Effort-2020” exercise at the Russia backyard, Ukraine

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More than 100 servicemen of the 16th Airborne Assault Brigade of the British Armed Forces within the framework of the first stage of the “United Efforts-2020” exercises, disembarked from the C-130 aircraft in the Nikolaev region of Ukraine.

British Sky News journalists interviewed the elite intelligence units who were the first to land on Ukrainian land. The media don’t hide that the exercises are a signal to Russia and are designed to provide support to Kiev amid the war in Donbas and the difficult situation in the Republic of Belarus.

A massive landing of units of the Armed Forces of Great Britain and Ukraine was carried out as part of the first stage of the “United Efforts-2020” exercise.

Military transport aircraft C-130 of the Royal Air Force of Great Britain, Il-76MD and An-26 of the Air Force of Ukraine were involved in the landing.

After landing, the combined detachments performed a number of tactical tasks along the route.

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