“Fire! Bismillah moment when IRGC commander gives the order to attack the US base in Iraq 2020

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Video shows the exact moment The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Commander General Amir Ali Hajizadeh orders the missile strike on ‘Ayn al Assad

The General: “Fire! Bismillah [in the name of God], blessings on Muhammad and his pure Family”.

Some important points of General Hajizadeh’s speech (Commander of Aerospace Force of the IRGC), about the attacks on Ain Al-Assad (January’s 2020) in Iran’s TV2 program:

  • “Only a limited number (less than 10 senior military commanders) were aware of the attack on Ain al-Assad.
  • The United States did not know which place we wanted to target with missiles.
  • Half an hour before the attack on Ain al-Assad, we informed the Iraqis that we were targeting a US base in Iraq with a missile.(We did not say the name of the base).
  • 13 missiles were fired at the US base in Ain al-Assad.
  • In this attack, missiles were sent to a distance where they could escape (probably referring to American soldiers), we are not criminals like Trump.
  • Their soldiers were also killed at the Ain al-Assad base.
  • Some Iraqis put the bodies in the bags of the dead, did not allow the Iraqis and other than themselves to pull the bodies out from under the rubble, did not allow the photographs to be taken.”