UNITAS 2020 military exercise in Ecuador ended

AME7248. MANTA (ECUADOR), 10/11/2020.- Fotografía cedida hoy por la Armada del Ecuador que muestra a efectivos pertenecientes a las Fuerzas Navales de nueve países de la región mientras ejecutan un ejercicio de un desembarco en playas ecuatorianas, dentro de la última fase de las maniobras Unitas 2020, en Manta (Ecuador). Según destaca la fuerza naval ecuatoriana, el ejercicio "no se enmarca únicamente en realizar maniobras típicas militares", sino que constituye "una respuesta eficaz de los estados, frente a las amenazas a las que se enfrentan los países de la región". Mañana se clausurarán las maniobras con la participación del ministro de Defensa, Oswaldo Jarrín. EFE/ Armada del Ecuador /SOLO USO EDITORIAL /NO VENTAS

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Unitas’ maneuvers in Ecuador conclude with a “hostile” beach landing

Quito, Nov 10 (EFE) .- Armed forces of several American countries simulated a landing exercise on a fictitious “hostile” beach this Tuesday, as part of the so-called “Scenario” phase of the Unitas military maneuvers taking place in Ecuador since last November 3.

The navies of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay participate in war exercises with face-to-face and virtual formats due to the covid-19 pandemic that affects the region and the world.

In the “Scenarios” phase, which puts an end to the maneuvers, personnel from the Marine Corps of Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia and Peru participated, the latter three virtually.

The drill coordinated the landing of three boats with armed and equipped personnel for a confrontation on the beaches of the fishing port of Jaramijó, in the coastal province of Manabí, in western Ecuador, the Ecuadorian Navy reported in a statement.

“Then came a tactical intervention of three more boats. Once the perimeter was secured, effective control of the facilities was taken and in another boat the personnel came to establish humanitarian aid entities,” the statement said. .

The maneuver devised a scenario in which the multilateral defense force allegedly intervened through an amphibious operation in a hostile environment, to carry out a task of “humanitarian aid to a population affected by the proliferation of irregular armed groups that have created chaos.”

This exercise was carried out with the presence of Rear Admiral Daniel Gínez Villacís, Commander of Naval Operations of Ecuador, and Vice Admiral Jorge Millones González, Commander of Pacific Operations of the Peruvian Navy.

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The maneuver was carried out by a “Landing Group”, made up of personnel from the Marine Corps of the Ecuadorian Navy and required several phases such as planning, reconnaissance, taking the beachhead, the incursion of the tactical group and assault, the positioning of the military police, the handover of the secured area to the authorities, and exfiltration.

“The rules of engagement are determined by international conditions,” the Ecuadorian Navy specified in its statement on the exercise.

The maneuvers on Tuesday put an end to some exercises that were carried out successfully off the coast of Manta from November 3 to 10, with the participation and concurrence of more than a thousand men from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay, in person and virtually.

The Ecuadorian Navy, as organizer, stressed that this type of multinational exercises aren’t only aimed at the execution of military maneuvers, but rather “constitute an effective response by the States, in the face of the threats faced by the countries of the region. “.

Among these threats, the military forces have identified natural disasters, illegal fishing, organized crime, drug trafficking and illicit acts committed at sea.

The Unitas maneuvers, a word that in Latin means “Unity”, is the oldest multinational maritime exercise in the world, in which combined naval exercises are carried out for security purposes and mutual support to strengthen the confidence and integration of the naval forces of the continent.

The Ecuadorian Navy “is in full readiness for this important international event with its surface units, aircraft, and Marine Corps personnel,” the host Naval Force assured.

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