FARC dissidents issue a statement on the events that occurred in Apure state.

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FARC dissidents issue a statement on the events that occurred in Apure state. The Magdalena Medio bloc, from the Colombian Catatumbo, is against these confrontations, their fight is in their country, they cannot fight against other states and even less Bolivarians, even if they have their mistakes.

What is going on so far

Venezuela, March 24 | The confrontations with FARC dissidents continue. Officials of the FANB sustained a new clash in the framework of the execution of the Bolivarian Shield against this group who tried last night to carry out a new attack on a checkpoint located in La Victoria, Páez Municipality, Apure. This area borders routes to the Colombian side.

The first reports of fire occurred at 7:30 PM, but it was not until 10:00 PM that the Director of FundaRedes, Javier Tarazona, was able to confirm that clashes were still taking place in the border area of ​​the Apure state.These individuals separated from the FARC to form their own independent group that goes “against” the practices of their former guerrilla organization.

In the clashes the night before, the dissident group apparently blew up a SENIAT facility (National Integrated Service for the Administration of Customs Duties and Taxes )located in one of the entity’s checkpoints with explosives, as a result of this fact, the entire community of La Victoria reported electrical problems and some sectors were left without fluid. electric.

What official authority has ruled in this regard? So far, the Mayor of the Páez Municipality, José María Romero, assured that the Bolivarian Shield operation continued to be carried out in the border areas of Apure and that their objective was to repel and prevent irregular groups armed men will occupy areas of the state for their criminal activities.