Alert: Faller gives more evidence of invasion readiness to Venezuela

Faller gives more evidence of invasion readiness to Venezuela

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Craig S. Faller, chief of the US Southern Command says the sanctions are to Maduro so doesn’t do business…but more than 100 thousand death due to sanctions doesn’t say anything to him,only until 2017.

Craig S. Faller in some statements, the only thing left to say is that the criminal sanctions by the United States prevent Maduro from buying weapons of mass destruction, and that the naval and air blockades that make the purchase of medicines impossible, for example, is a story …

The Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations Samuel Moncada has long denounced the intentions of the
United States to invade Venezuela with an multiinternational coalition based in Colombia.

“Trump and his spokesmen affirm that the measures of economic asphyxia to Venezuela only want to achieve democracy.
Here’s the truth: the head of the invading military force speaks of Trump’s economic terrorism as a militarized aggression to weaken the nation before the invasion”, says Moncada, about the following video

Faller, aggression military leader , explains how his 22 countries are being aligned to invade Venezuela. Duque and the Colombian military are already training military personnel in Central America preparing multinational forces from subordinate countries. What is coming is years in the making.

Propaganda bodies in Washington are already promoting Venezuela’s invading multinational force. Stabilization must be with military occupation but without the visible presence of the US in the front row.

It is the armies of Colombia and Central America that will do the dirty work.