EXCLUSIVE: One of the latest Venezuelans most wanted by the US testimony

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EXCLUSIVE: One of the latest Venezuelans most wanted by the US testimony
By Madelein Garcia
Source: Exclusive to Al Mayadeen in Spanish.

The untold story of Pedro Luis Martín Olivares, the alleged drug trafficker who, together with Diosdado Cabello, Tareck El Aissami and others, swell DEA files , made on demand by the US government involving Hizbullah.

CHAPTER 1: The Reward

It’s 13 h, time begins to run. On the table at least 7 thick folders containing the files of 15 years of political and legal persecution by the United States against Pedro Luis Matín Olivares and other personalities of the Government of Venezuela.

It is easy to say, but it is a story that weaves together the entire strategy that the United States uses not only in the case of Pedro Luis, but also of all the political officials of Venezuela and other sanctioned countries, to blackmail, extort, and build; In the name of the fight against drug trafficking and terrorism, a whole narrative to destroy the Nation States.

Matín arrived at the journalistic meeting with a confident, serene attitude, as if nothing was happening to him, as if he didn’t care, or at least he showed it, that he is now part of the list of the most wanted men in the United States along with others about 90 officials, including President Nicolás Maduro.

Recently, along with two other Venezuelans, the Donald Trump administration offered 10 million in reward for his head, for whoever gave information about his whereabouts.

This action adds to one more escalation that he has had to face since in 2013 they began to create his file for drug trafficking, alleged partner of Colombian drug trafficker Roberto Méndez Hurtado, alias white feather who managed the drug trafficking route from Colombia to EE.UU. and Caribbean countries.

If you haven’t been an official since 2004, 7 years later, in 2013, why do you appear on the radars of the United States?

“You mean the maneuvers of the politicized justice of the United States.

“The story begins in 2015 when I found out about my case through social media. The United States accused me of leading an international drug trafficking organization it’s sent drugs to the United States with Diosdado Cabello, Tareck El Aisami, el pollo Carvajal, who was chief of military intelligence for Commander Hugo Chávez and other people from the high government. ”

“Imagine, according to Southern District of Florida, Federal Court file, I alongside with Diosdado Cabello, the second most important man in the country, to make drug deliveries and collect the money, which is absurd completely.”

“Upon learning of this situation, I immediately went to INTERPOL in Venezuela because there was a Red Alert against me issued by the United States Government.”

Who is Pedro Luis Martín Olivares?

“I am an economist and lawyer who’ve worked with the State security organs in Venezuela. I held for 2 years, from 2002 to 2004, during the Government of Commander Chávez, the position of Director of Intelligence of the defunct DISIP, today Bolivarian Service of Intelligence. It was a line management within the organization, whose Director General was General Miguel Rodríguez Torres. ”

Are you still working in intelligence?

“Intelligence is never abandoned and information always reaches you.

“I would never betray my country and even less the legacy of Commander Chávez with whom I still feel identified for 20 years.

“Currently I don’t work in any security agency.”

But there are many who think that you are still pulling the strings of intelligence, that you are an agent in the shadows.

“I handle information that is not the same as being in charge of an organization, to tell you that would be disrespecting the work carried out by the directors of the SEBIN, Bolivarian Intelligence Service and the DGCIM, Directorate of Military Intelligence.”

And then, why is the United States so interested in you if you are no longer from the intelligence agencies? What is it for?

“At some point I was a friend of Hugo Carvajal, who for 11 years was in charge of the Directorate of Military Intelligence and the United States lives making maps of people who could serve them, like many other cases, they sold him the idea that I was a key person who handled important information and relationships in the country. ”

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But do they consider you to be a double agent?

“Thought is free, I am not a double agent. Of course, offers are infinite and whoever bows down, betrays its principles.”


It means that you have received many offers to be a double agent

“Yes, for example, these accusations by the American Government where they link me with drug trafficking since 2013 is for not giving in and becoming a false witness to the causes that they build against Venezuela or any other country, for not being part of their false positive, they want to force me to become a witness, a man who has to negotiate because they created a file for me.

“That is their modus operandi, they put you on files, they put people in jail who don’t even know you, they tell them that they have to testify against you to get the sentence reduced and for that there is a legal architecture, which is framed in a Federal law that they call rule 35 of the State of Florida where they reduce their penalties in exchange for information.

“The drug trafficker who points out to me as his supposed partner, Roberto Méndez Hurtado, alias Pluma Blanca, whom I have never seen in my life, being a convicted and confessed drug trafficker in the United States, according to the media; he was driving the route of drugs from Colombia to Ecuador, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, his sentence was reduced from 4 lives sentence to 19 years for testifying against me, against Diosdado Cabello, Tareck El Aissami, Hugo Carvajal, Rangel Silva and Rodofol Mactruck who was a simple civil servant of the CICPC, Corps of Criminal Scientific Investigations.

“How can you explain that this Roberto Méndez Hurtado, my alleged partner, arrested by the United States in 2011 and accused in 3 states for drug trafficking, doesn’t mention me in any of his initial statements, but two years later, it’s, on March 14, 2013 turned out to be my best ally theorist.

“Méndez Hurtado makes a statement at the DEA where he mentions me and there the file begins to be built, let’s put it like this, the file chapter Pedro Luis Martín Olivares, Diosdado, Tareck and the rest of the people I have already mentioned.

“Why two years later, out of nowhere do I appear in the file of that drug trafficker who had at least 4 life sentences, the answer is that Hurtado complied with rule 35, that is, he reached an agreement with the DEA, gave false information and in return they reduced the sentence nothing more and nothing less than from 4 life sentences to 19 years in prison.

“Méndez Hurtado became in that two-year period, among other drug traffickers, the star witness of the United States against high-ranking Venezuelan officials, that is, Diosdado, Tareck El Aissami, Carvajal, me, etc., we were part of at least 250 accusations that they continue to serve the drug trafficker to lower his sentence, and the US government, to continue adding to their files against this country. ”

“In other words, the country that fights against drug trafficking benefits a drug trafficker to lay hands on Venezuela.”

“When did hem render statements to the DEA? On what date did do so? This data is important, did it on March 11 and 12, 2013, 6 days after the death of Commander Hugo Chávez. If we analyze the line In time, the United States was already preparing the other phase of the narco-state file against Venezuela and the persecution race began. ”

DEA agreement with narco traffic
Evidence of the agreement signed between the prosecutor Richard Gregorie and the drug trafficker Roberto Méndez Hurtado to lower his sentence from 4 life sentences to 19 years in exchange for false information


Do you mean that everything is part of the US strategy against Venezuela?

“Look, in April, Nicolás Maduro wins the presidential elections and with more force, the United States continues to create the thesis of the outlaw state, and continues to build files against high-ranking government officials.

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“In April 2014, Barack Obama was already talking about declaring Venezuela as a threat to the United States and he materialized it on March 19, 2015, he signed the Decree declaring Venezuela as an unusual threat against the security of that country.”

“Nothing is accidental. At least 90 officials from different levels of the high government, the United States has sanctioned and involved in those rigged files that it’s strengthening according to the political moment and its interests.”

“For example, right now elections are approaching in the United States and parliamentary elections in Venezuela, it is the perfect moment to generate matrices that feed the thesis of the narco-state and the outlaw state.”

That’s what I was going to ask you, the United States has just offered a $ 10 million reward. Are you afraid?

“I could describe three phases of my case or three chapters. The first chapter: the creation of the file, which collects lies and search for false testimonies.

“The second chapter: inclusion in the OFAC list. It turns out that the Office of Foreign Assets Control is the platform used by the United States Government to blackmail and pressure. Today OFAC has become a kind of mafia corporation where even Venezuelan businessmen have paid law firms in Venezuela to remove them from the list.These firms are linked to Carlos Veccio, Guaidó’s representative in the US.

“And the third and final chapter: the reward. By putting a price tag of 10 million dollars on my head, on the one hand it generates alerts for the issue of family safety and my, and on the other hand, it is outrageous.

“I am not a criminal, nor a drug trafficker and I will never succumb to pressure from the United States to become an alleged key witness and in this way serve their Hollywood screenplay to free me, because this is like a kind of kidnapping, a extortion, I release you if you serve as a witness on demand that they will use against anyone according to what they need. ”

“I have been fighting for my dignity 15 years long and defending the truth, which is ultimately the truth of Venezuela as well.”

“Look if the thing is sole political, that there is a part of the file where they build a narrative that I am practically the Capo of the Cartel, and which is the Cartel, a political group that was trained by Commander Hugo Chávez where the chicken Hugo Carvajal, Diosdado Cabello, Jesee Chacón, Rangel Silva, Tareck El Aissami among others, to sell drugs, launder money and countless atrocious lies where my supposed boss, because according to the narco-trafficker Méndez Hurtado in his statement, I was even his driver and ordered me to give the money to my “subordinates”, that is, Diosdado, etc., to pay the military who were the force that supported Chávez.

“But I also sent people to train them with Hizbullah to give security to the State and to drug trafficking operations in the best Netflix style. That’s where they link Tareck El Aissami.

“Imagine, I, a line director of an intelligence office of a State Security organ, had at his feet a whole high government that was sustained with money from drug trafficking. That is the narrative that they maintain until now.

“And we know the story with Chávez, demonized by W. Bush, Obama, as the supposed leader President of the narco-state and thus they have built a whole network that has led the country to today, sanctions and more illegal sanctions, blockade and stop tell because the story continues with Nicolás Maduro, with Trump at the helm, the never ending tale.

“They don’t care about taking care of the forms because they compose their history, change it as they want and induce the prisoners to testify against to strengthen those files, they also mislead the US justice system, which ultimately uses it for their ends.

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“Or rather, Chapo Guzmán and I. I am more valued than Chapo Guzmán, for him they offered a reward of 3.8 million dollars and for me, 10 million dollars, well, in reality all Venezuelan officials are in that ranking except for President Nicolás Maduro, for whom they offered 15 million.”

“All very incoherent, very Machiavellian.”

Evidence of the false positive where they link Hezbollah with alleged drug trafficking actions
Evidence of the false positive where they link Hezbollah with alleged drug trafficking actions


In 2015, the US embassy in Venezuela itself issued a diplomatic note rejecting you extradition. I insist, why five years later, now, they offer a reward for you. What is behind that action.

“Not only do they reject my extradition, but they textually respond to the Supreme Court of Justice through a diplomatic note that they will not request my extradition, this means that the procedure lapsed.

“They use all judicial and extrajudicial means to be able to corner and force to negotiate. Their interest is never to do justice.”

“But furthermore, they never expected that I was going to confront them, that I was going to present myself to INTERPOL in Venezuela and that body generated my apprehension and put me at the order of the prosecution, which in turn, as established by the norm , presented me before the competent courts.

“The United States never sent the documents to the Supreme Court, and furthermore, it tells it that it is not going to request my extradition and that is the reason why the action declines.

“Why do they never send them the documents, because it’s a montage, it is a political case that was also built in the media to show that the Venezuelan justice favored me and hence the protection of alleged drug traffickers linked to the government, you see the narrative.

“Journalists have published this argument, ignoring the procedures and the flagrant violation of the multiple international extradition treaties.

“You ask me why at this moment my case is being dusted again. There are two theories, first: an extraction plan for all of us who have been sanctioned, is the same script used against Noriega in the case of Panama; by the way, the The prosecutor who opened my file is the same in the case of Panama, his name is Richard Guegorie, by chance? The answer is no, he already had experience and the armed structure.

“And the second reason: they need my false testimony to legitimize, I insist, their theories built on those files that obey the predesigned templates that made them successful in Panama.

“Let’s do an exercise, if they detained me or I broke in, that doesn’t exist, there’s no pressure that’s worth it, I will never acknowledge something that I am not, I will never assume that I am a drug trafficker, for a very simple reason: I am not. . The United States Government would use my testimony in the courts to continue violating International Law, to continue attacking Venezuela. ”

“There are two ways to arrest you, kidnapping you or extraditing you. They dream of a coup in Venezuela, as described by Iván Somonivis, a fugitive from Venezuelan justice.”

“If there is a de facto coup in Venezuela, the transition board would change the Constitution, we would be extraditable, not only me, but any Venezuelan. Currently the Constitution prohibits it. Therefore, they do not want elections that are constitutionally established to renew the National Assembly, because today it serves their interests.

“They must have a coup plan that includes the extraction of the people they put a price on their heads as they planned to do in the failed Operation Gideon.

“I have decided to break the silence because putting a price on my head is as if it were a last action and we definitely have to continue defending the truth.”

Document where the embassy of the United States informs the Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela that it will not present the formal request for extradition
Document where the embassy of the United States informs the Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela that it will not present the formal request for extradition


In a future installment we will learn, with evidence and testimonies, how the Media are putting together the screenplay so it’s police apparatus and the North American system adapt justice to their measure and witnesses on demand, to criminalize a country, its politicians and organizations.