EUROCLEAR : Venezuelans 1,200 million dollars locked out

EUROCLEAR : Venezuelans 1,200 million dollars locked out

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1,200 million dollars keep the Euroclear company held in accounts corresponding to Venezuela

As part of the global financial system aligned with Western elites, Euroclear participates in the financial blockade against Venezuela in response to the EE.UU. powers to accentuate the multifactorial war with blows to health and food of the Venezuela population.

Euroclear financial services provider keep 1,200 million dollars in accounts corresponding to Venezuela , money intended for medicines and food purchase to Venezuelan population.

Euroclear controls, together with Clearstream, almost 100% of the global financial system of Clearing (finance) or “international compensation”. It is a fully computerized payment and delivery system, which allows you exchange titles, bonds and money from one place to another on the planet in real time. In this way, it guarantees financial operators that whoever pays sends the money, and whoever should collect really receives it.

The economic sanctions and European Union (EU) position , which regulates Euroclear, have to do with the fact,the US would sanction institutions who cooperate with Venezuela. The EU, responding to the financial pressures of the US Department of the Treasury, doesn’t allow Euroclear to transfer Venezuelan bonds, such funds frozen in its system.

Statements by US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on August 25 show the destructive intent of his government and Venezuelan politicians who requested the application of these extralegal measures: “The action imposed against Caracas is aimed at the access ban from Venezuela to the debt and equity markets of the United States, they will not be able to take advantage of Washington’s financial system to destroy the Venezuelan economy. These measures will also undermine Maduro’s ability to pay government parties and supporters and it will increase the pressure on Caracas to abandon its disastrous path. ”

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