E.U. has imposed santions to russia’s military intelligence head, Igor Kostyukov

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The European Union imposed sanctions on the head of Russia’s military intelligence, Igor Kostyukov, and one other official on Thursday and said they were responsible for a computer hacking attack on Germany’s parliament in 2015.

Russia in May denied the accusations as a “hackneyed story” and said the EU lacked evidence.The EU, in its Official Journal, said it placed sanctions on Kostyukov, head of military intelligence agency (GRU) over the attack that obtained emails from German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s constituency office.

The EU measures also target Dmitry Badin, accused of being the hacker who orchestrated the attack, as well as the so-called 85th Main Centre, or Centre 85, which was the unit inside the GRU used to carry it out. It is also known as the GRU Special Services division (GTsSS).

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