Day 3 general strike in Bolivia reinforce blockades at Parotani Cbba

Day 3 general strike in Bolivia reinforce blockades at Parotani Cbba

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In the general strike in Bolivia This is how the Sicaya miners, community members of Capinota, came to reinforce blockades at Parotani Cbba, day 3.

On August 3, social movements, trade unions, Indigenous and peasant organizations and groups, demonstrated across Bolivia against the postponement of the general elections in the country. Several organizations that mobilized are associated with former president Evo Morales’ party, the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) which has been facing a campaign of persecution in order to impede their full participation in the electoral process.

Massive mobilizations were carried out in different parts of the country demanding restoration of democracy and compliance with the decision to hold elections on the originally agreed date, September 6. The protesters also blockaded major highways and roads throughout the country to exert pressure on Bolivia’s coup-installed government to overturn its decision to further delay the democratic elections in the country.

According to the National Transit Directorate, over 24 important interdepartmental and inter-provincial highways were blocked by protesters across the national territory.