Colombian’s president the liar unparalleled

El presidente de Colombia, Iván Duque, habla en un mensaje pregrabado que fue emitido el martes 22 de septiembre del 2020 durante la sesión anual de septiembre de la Asamblea General de Naciones Unidas. (UNTV via AP)

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The Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, affirmed this Tuesday that the President of Colombia, Iván Duque, was left before the world “as a liar without equal”, after his intervention in the plenary session of the United Nations (UN).

The Venezuelan diplomat assured Duque’s speech presented himself as a hero of peace, human rights and the fight against drug trafficking is a sample of “hypocrisy.”

However, he stressed “it’s impossible to believe a single statement”, while emphasizing “the international community isn’t stupid” to believe all lies exposed by Duque.

And it’s to be reviewed, since he has a history of lying when he intervenes in that platform. In his speech on the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, of course, he attacked the Bolivarian government.

Talk about human rights Venezuela’s problem:

On Twitter, the majority of comments demanded that he be concerned about the human rights problems that Colombia is also suffering. He says that he has denounced in all international forums “the crimes of the Bolivarian government, of course with false evidence … Are you remembered on the 74th anniversary of the” photos of the ELN in Venezuela? Well… this time, on the 75th anniversary, their accusations are based on a report of an independent UN commission paid by the group that their government is a member, The Lima group.

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And even more so when to date, not updated as I write this, since unfortunately it’s daily, 246 people murdered in 61 massacres registered so far in 2020 are recorded.

246 people murdered in the 61 massacres registered so far in 2020.
246 people murdered in 61 massacres registered so far in 2020.

He says, Venezuela is a danger to the world, It’s terrorists and drug traffickers home… when his country is the largest producer of cocaine in the world. What more danger to the world than that? and does nothing to prevent this, there are complaints that promote laws to prevent the eradication of this plague, for example the fumigation of those crops …

But we all know who wrote that speech for him, I’ll give you a clue these days Mike Pompeo was in Colombia