Colombian’s Army and Israel strengthen training and military cooperation ties

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Colombian’s Army and Israel strengthen ties of training and military cooperation.

This year a training program led by 10 instructors from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) was developed for soldiers from the Forces Division Specials of the Colombian Army.

The experience of the Israel Defense Forces in strategic issues contributes to strengthening the military and operational environment by promoting modernization and professionalization of the Colombian’s National Army and the equipment used for the development of military operations in that country.

This training program, which took place at the Tolemaida military base in the facilities of the National Training Center (CENAE), was achieved through the efforts of the Directorate of International Relations of the Colombian Army, allowed to reinforce the capacities of the Colombian soldiers in training in anti-terrorist and combat techniques, more specifically in hand-to-hand combat (Krav Maga: Official Israeli personal defense and fighting system), polygon, urban combat, air assault and anti-terrorist operations.

The training focused on developing methods of observation and diagnosis of the unit, particularly in aspects such as the assessment of threats and the baseline scenario, including the definition of the operating method, unit and equipment structure, as well as weapons and equipment. particular capabilities of the group.

According to the statement this type of exercise, bilateral military cooperation includes the exchange of experiences with friendly countries and the transfer of capabilities that provide a new perspective of action to deal more effectively with common threats or transnational scourges, using better tools by the military units and their commanders in Colombia.

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