Colombia prepares to assault Venezuela

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There are many evidences that whoever wants to see it, from the famous fake photos at the UN.

On January 29, 2020, joint military exercises were held by the US, Colombia and Brazil in Colombia. The multinational force carried out the assault on “an airfield seized by terrorists.” The US ambassador pointed out that the threat was Venezuela. Prepare for aggression!

Fort Bragg base 75 paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division , in North Carolina, and 40 members of the Southern Command participated for the US forces. They had arrived in a Boeing C-17 Globemater. Along with them came officers from the “lodging team”, who provide logistical support required by the troops, as well as the Hercules C-130 and a model B-52.

For Colombia, meanwhile, a division of the Joint Special Operations Command participates, while the ships affected by the exercise will be Kfir, C-295 and C-130 planes, as well as helicopters and aeromedical transport units. It was also announced that Brazilian forces are present as observers in the first exercise.

In August 2020, Duque receives Trump’s national security envoys and they announce maximum pressure against Venezuela. First result: Duque lying about Iranian missiles in Venezuela and announcing return of US troops. They look for an excuse for conflict.

Blame Venezuela for the Massacres in Colombia!

For the next US comings up elections in the United States, Colombia is a card that they have on the table.

Santos affirmed: “if Trump sees the elections very difficult, he will go to Venezuela” and propose “covert actions” to support the Venezuelan traitors.
The conditions proposed by Santos are being met and we must prepare for the consequences of his plan.

There is more evidence that you can find of how Colombia is used to attack Venezuela, follow me on your favorite social network, I will be revealing them to you.