Chuao, is today the center of attention of the Venezuelan anti-imperialist struggle.

Chuao, is today the center of attention of the Venezuelan anti-imperialist struggle.

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Chuao a Venezuelan fishing village gives a lesson to the mercenaries of the world.

Chuao is a small village located in the northern coastal range of Venezuela, founded in the 16th century. The village is famous for its cacao plantations, Diablos danzantes and San Juaneras. The village is surrounded by mountains and dense rainforests to the south and the Caribbean Sea to the north. The nearby Henri Pittier National Park is the oldest national park in Venezuela, created in 1937. There is no road access and visitors must come by boat from the town of Puerto Colombia along the coast, or by foot, crossing the mountains and the cloud forest from Turmero near Maracay.

It was the young militia fishermen who gave the alert when they saw a boat different from theirs

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There is a detail in all this history “they don’t understand that a fisherman is a militiaman, a teacher is a militiaman, everyone in the town is a militiaman” “here we are fighting for Venezuela and Commander Chávez”. The mercenaries fell into the hands of a Chavista people.

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And so on: young militia fishermen detect the boat with the mercenaries, run to the town and report to their superiors, who in turn report further, an army helicopter arrives, 5 police officers arrest them and the town helps, men and women.

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Once the mercenaries were detained, before reinforcements arrived, they tried to convince the police and fishermen to release them, they offered them money, they said that the actions were to liberate Venezuela “no matter what money they offer 1st is dignity.

Chavez walked through this land … The Homeland isn’t for sale, the Homeland is to defend, Chuao people, mercenaries

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Former captain Antonio Sequea Torres were arrested; Adolfo Baduel, son of former general Raúl Isaías Baduel; in addition to two Americans linked to the Silvercorp company.
This failed raid is part of the so-called “Operation Gideon“, by the US military contractor Silvercorp, whose owner is Jordan Goudreau, who unsuccessfully attempted an armed landing in Macuto (La Guaira state) a day earlier in the early morning hours ….

When they come, let them know they’re coming, let them assume they’re coming, let them not forget (…) Let them not be distracted by the torrid landscape (…) When they come, the colors of the jungle will fly in self-defense (. ..) Remember where you came from, because it will be the last thing them remember.
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