China’s Jilin-1 satellite capabilities

Capabilities of China's Jilin-1 satellite

Capabilities of China's Jilin-1 satellite

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China has published a demonstration of the capabilities of China’s Jilin-1 satellite, which can capture high-definition video images, including environmental monitoring, forestry, energy, mining, land use, real-time tracking, and more, including military applications. In particular, the satellite can track and detect flying fighters.

The Jilin satellites are designed to capture videos with a ground resolution of 1.3 m. They are equipped with the capability of acquiring 4K HD color video images. Compared with traditional earth observation satellite, video satellite can make long-term dynamic real-time monitoring for the target and be able to rapidly change observation area and emphasis based on the conditions on the ground because of its fast maneuverability, and then directly transfer it to users through video image, which obviously shortens the users’ response time; therefore, it is better for the quick response of emergency on the ground and real-time monitoring of disasters, etc. It has wide prospect of application on many aspects, such as national defense, and the life of national economy, etc.

The two Jilin satellites operate as part of a constellation of four satellites, Jilin-1 Guangxe-A for high-definition images, Jilin-1 Jishu Yanzheng for testing new space technology.”

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