Chief General Vladimir Padrino clear warning message to Southern Command, Craig Faller

‎General en jefe Vladimir Padrino, advierte al jefe del Comando Sur, Craig Faller

‎General en jefe Vladimir Padrino, advierte al jefe del Comando Sur, Craig Faller

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Chief General Vladimir Padrino warns the head of the Southern Command, Craig Faller: “If you dare to carry out acts at sea, what they call acts of law, in the sea that corresponds to Venezuela, you will receive a response worthy of the Venezuela patriots. ”

Venezuelan Defense Minister denounces the approach of a US ship to the coasts of the Caribbean country and describes the act as threatening and provocative.

“Yesterday (Tuesday) a United States ship approached 30 miles off the Venezuelan coast to try to provoke the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB). We followed his route and it was a heartless attempt at provocation, ”said Vladimir Padrino López on Wednesday.

In a speech given at the commemoration ceremony for the 199th anniversary of the Battle of Carabobo and the founding of the Liberation Army, which took place in the Carabobo Camp, Padrino López has also sent a clear warning message to Craig Faller , commander of the United States Southern Command.

“Don’t you dare, with your warships, to be sailing in our territorial waters, do not dare to exercise military actions because you are going to receive a forceful response from the Bolivarian National Armed Forces,” he highlighted.

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