Cesar’s Law (Syria)

Cesar's Law (Syria)

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The largest U.S. sanctions in history against Syria take effect. Any natural or legal person who makes, intermediates or manages transactions of all kinds with the government of the Syrian Arab Republic is sanctioned.

In other words, they are not only trying to prevent the reconstruction of Syria, but are trying to starve the Syrian people. The goal is never to punish the Syrian President, the goal is to punish the people for not being invaded.

Cesar’s Law, adopted in the United States, directed against Syria, went into effect today. It is named after the deserter from the Syrian Arab Army who provided evidence of torture and murder in Sednaya prison, where anti-government militants and supporters fell. The “Caesar Law” includes all those who in one way or another cooperate with official Damascus: politicians, businessmen, bankers. If Syria’s old friends (Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian businesses associated with the IRGC) will not worsen, Since they have been under all possible sanctions, Russian businessmen, companies from the Persian Gulf countries and some Europeans cooperating with Syrians should think about it.

Since Syria has received a wide variety of much more severe sanctions during the nine years of war, the “Caesar Law” has a different purpose. Its task is to break the trend towards the resumption of cooperation of other countries with Damascus. Looking at the military successes of recent years, the Gulf countries (mainly the United Arab Emirates) repeatedly raised the issue of renewing Syria’s membership in the League of Arab States. The embassies of various countries resumed their work and increased commercial activities. The main objective of these actions is the return of Syria to the “Arab world” and the reduction of Persian influence. Caesar’s law nullifies all these efforts.

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Voluntary or involuntary, the United States, as was the case in Iraq, literally pushes the country into the sphere of Iranian influence when there is a real possibility of avoiding this.

At the same time, it is an extremely interesting fact that the entire law is called “Caesar’s Law on the Protection of the Syrian Civilian Population”. Whether the United States was thinking of Syrians when they sponsored militants who massacre religious and ethnic minorities is a rhetorical question.