British soldiers’s War crime footage, Iraq,Amarah Protests,2004

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The Amarah Protests
On 5 April 2004, protests against the Governor of Maysan Province took place in Amarah. British soldiers policed the protests and ultimately broke them up. In response, protesters threw stones at the soldiers, to which the soldiers reacted by firing rubber bullets into the crowd and charging protesters in order to clear the area around the Governor’s palace. Soldiers then captured four civilians from the crowd of protesters, including at least two children, and dragged them into a nearby military compound. What happened next is documented in the ICC report:

“On 12 February 2006, the now-defunct UK newspaper ‘News of the World’ released still images from a video footage reportedly provided by a whistle-blower depicting British soldiers assaulting Iraqi civilians in April 2004 in Al-Amarah, Iraq. The MoD confirmed it had opened an urgent Royal Military Police (“RMP”) investigation into the conduct shown in the videotape. It appeared that four Iraqi civilians, including at least two teenagers, had been snatched from a rioting crowd and brought inside a military compound where they were assaulted. According to the ‘News of the World’ report, the video footage depicted soldiers “beating [the captured teenagers] senseless with vicious blows from batons, boots and fists” before “what appears to be an officer” delivered a “full-force kick in the genitals of a cringing lad pinned to the ground” and a cameraman delivered a “commentary urging his mates on…”. According to the UK army press release on the incident, the video footage shows an alleged kick to the body of a deceased Iraqi civilian. Although no official version of the video has been published to date, the Office reviewed open source footage available online with the stamp ‘News of the World’ that was consistent with the details in the media report”.

The video was given to the News of the World by an anonymous whistleblower within the British Army, who was quoted as saying: “These Iraqis were just kids. Most haven’t even got shoes on”. One of the most disturbing aspects of the video is the delighted commentary that accompanies it; the soldier filming the incident can be heard saying: “Oh yes! Oh yes! You’re gonna get it. Yes, naughty little boys. You little fuckers, you little fuckers. Die. Ha ha”.

The following video is shot from a balcony in Iraq, showing British soldiers first moving a group of protesters (some throwing rocks and stuff) out of an area.

Then, the camera guy focuses on these troops pulling some people down the street, they drag these people behind a large wall, and beat the crap out of them.

And the camera man (also a Soldier) is a disgusting psycho, who seems like hes getting off on it.

THIS, is a EXCELLENT example, of why this “war” is a horrible thing. It has become nothing more than an INVASION. US & its Allies, staying around, enforcing our laws, on these people, our presense, creating a reason for more bombings.

Resistance attacks in Iraq arent aimed at civillians, their aimed at the troops. But civillians die as a result. Just like with the US bombs.

Civillians are dying every day in huge numbers in Iraq. And it is a direct result of US occupation. And this type of sick behavior, is going to do nothing but encourage more violence towards soldiers, and as a result, the innocents in Iraq.

Despite the existence of this video, and the ICC’s conclusion that it is authentic, no one has been prosecuted for torturing these civilians.

It is available to view here: