Brazil: Operation Amazonas led by the US government images

Op Amazon Brazil

Op Amazon Brazil lead by USA

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On September 24, the Commander of the North Theater of Operations, General of the Army Estevam Cals Theophilo Gaspar de Oliveira, closed Operation Amazonas with a post-action analysis (APA), a critical activity carried out with the aim of improving the combat capacity of the Military Command of the Amazon.

In Brazil, after the strategic concentration of troops in Manaus, Operation Amazonas was carried out from September 3 to 23, with the participation of more than 3,600 soldiers. The operation included troops from the Amazon Military Command (Amazonas, Rondônia, Roraima and Acre), the Northern Military Command (Belém / PA), the 23rd Jungle Infantry Brigade (Marabá / PA), the Army Artillery Command . (Formosa / GO), the 18th Field Artillery Group (Rondonópolis / MT), the Special Operations Command (Goiânia / GO) and the Parachute Infantry Brigade (Rio de Janeiro / RJ). United States representatives were present

Combat functions such as command and control, movement and maneuvering, intelligence, fire, logistics and protection were used in the operation, contributing to the evolution of doctrine and training of the troops involved. The troop reversal continues until October 5.

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