Video:Bolivarian Police being ambushed by criminals in Caracas

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Bolivarian Police being ambushed by criminals in Caracas “Peace Zones” Cota 905 sector. 02/26/2021

Peace, or War Zones

“Peace Zones” were born in 2013, when José Vicente Rangel Ávalos, then Venezuela Interior, Justice and Peace vice-minister, sat down to negotiate with 280 gangs, to work on a disarmament process and social reinsertion for criminals from 80 of the most dangerous municipalities in Venezuela. He offered them jobs, education, construction materials and means to become productive; all the gangs asked back that the police didn’t go into their territories. This initiative remained as an oral deal, no official decision settled the arrangement.

Bolivarian Government wanted to negotiate with gangs again.

Cota 905 wasn’t on the list of zones to be “pacified” in 2013, but with the many kidnappings, murders and stolen vehicles taken to the neighborhood, the CICPC held several security operations in 2015, to find the leader of its most powerful gang: Jesús Alberto Ramos Caldera, AKA El Chavo.

On June 22nd, 2015, a commission from the CICPC found him in San Bernardino, downtown Caracas, and killed him. He was 22. His role went to the next man in the chain of command: Carlos Luis Revete, AKA El Coqui, who made a pact with other gangs of El Valle, La Vega and El Cementerio, to reject any incursion in their territories by state security officials and take care of each other.

The success of this non-aggression pact among rival gangs made El Coqui the most wanted man on the OLP (Operación de Liberación del Pueblo) that took place in the area, in July 2015. Even though the massive raid left 15 dead and 252 arrested, according to an official report, the Cota 905 criminals was one step ahead and ran away.

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The many attempts to get rid of El Coqui, wanted for homicide, kidnapping, theft and extortion, kept going. His name made the rounds all over CICPC precincts in the Capital.

This sector of Caracas is the one that is leading the confrontations between the security forces and the most prominent criminal gangs in the Venezuelan media.