Bolivarian Government rejects law promoted by the United States

Bolivarian Government rejects law promoted by the United States

Bolivarian Government rejects law promoted by the United States

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The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela categorically rejects the new interventionist aggression undertaken from the dominant elite of the United States of America, this time by passing a law designed to deepen aggression against e Venezuelan people, ignoring their sovereignty and internal constitutional order , which ironically has been baptized as Venezuela Emergency Relief, Democracy Assistance and Development Act.

Behind this current string of euphemisms, an instrument is hidden that aims to accentuate the implementation of unilateral coercive measures, which are illegal, while violating the Charter of the United Nations, insofar as they undermine the human rights of more of 30 million Venezuelans. Additionally, in a delirium of imperial arrogance, the US Congress intends, through this legislative act, the right to punish countries who maintain commercial relations with Venezuela.

In short, this law only seeks neoliberal restoration of Venezuela and pillage of its resources, for which it openly proposes an alleged regime of legal guardianship over Venezuela, in which even political allies delivered to Venezuelan opposition would be tied to the opinions and “recommendations” of the US government.

Far from solving the problem of more than 50 million people in poverty or reversing serious violation of human rights to more than 5,000 migrant families who have been separated so far this year in their country, the US Congress intends waste taxpayers’ money to finance destabilization of Venezuela and deliver resources to satellite governments and accomplices of its strategy.

Faced with this new aggression, the People and Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela remain firmly within legality path , peace and heroic effort to build social justice, always ready to defend, in any scenario and in any modality, its Constitution and its participatory and leading democracy of illegal coercive measures and acts of war and destabilization.

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The dignity of Bolivar people will remain intact in the face of any supremacist attack, as well as their willingness to remain free, sovereign and to live in peace.

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