Bolivarian government official statements about Human Rights report paid by the Lima Group

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Tarek W. Saab together with Foreign Minister J. Arreaza and the Ombudsman, Alfredo Ruiz,they offered statements from the headquarters of the MP in presentation of the Report “La Verdad de Venezuela”.


– FGR, TW Saab: This is a text prepared by an ad hoc commission paid for by the Lima Group which, as we well know, is an enemy of the people of Venezuela (…) The alleged commission it’s produced the text didn’t direct, not even out of courtesy a communication to the Public Ministry.

– Regarding Barlovento Massacre’s case, it was thought that there would be impunity, quite the opposite. There was an exemplary sanction in accordance with the provisions of Venezuela Penal Code. That isn’t said in the report.

-We have charged 603 State security officials identified as allegedly responsible for human rights violations and 35 civilians implicated as collaborators in these events.

-A total of 452 officials from different organizations and 24 individuals have been apprehended, for a total of 476 deprived of liberty.

-A total of 811 civil servants and 129 civilians have been accused, which makes a total of 940 accused, through the presentation of 382 accusations filed by specialized prosecutors in the matter.

-A total of 127 state security officials and 13 civilians were punished by conviction, for a total of 140 convicted.

– Chancellor, J. Arreaza: Today we will be delivering this report to the President of the Republic and soon to international organizations so it’s the truth is known (…) 85% of the sources used by the alleged fact-checking commission are secondary. There are no relatives or testimonies. Only 15% is valid and it’s surely in the hands of Commissioner Bachelet.

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-We are responding, as a Venezuelan State, to the attacks against us. We will prove the invalidity of the report. No instance of the United Nations has voted to approve this text.

-They are private experts who have lost their character, who made a political and methodological error during the investigation.

-Ombudsman, A. Ruiz: Despite the pandemic, this year we’ve dealt with more than 6,000 complaints (…) We have seen it’s commission’s report commercializes the issue of human rights.

-This report presents that the human rights of some people are worth more than others. It says nothing about who planned the killings and attacks on military officials in protests or demonstrations..