“As long as there is FANB, Venezuela will not lose another millimeter of its territory”

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This Wednesday, February 24, after an arduous meeting of the Commission for the Defense of the Guayana Esequiba Territory and Territorial Sovereignty, important geopolitical issues related to the interests of the nation in restoring our sovereign rights over the Essequibo province were discussed.

The activity was chaired by the Defense Minister , General in Chief Vladimir Padrino López, along with Admiral in Chief, Remigio Ceballos Ichaso, Strategic Operational Commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, the FANB Senior Staff, Deputy Hernán Escarrá and other distinguished authorities were present in the Venezuelan National Assembly.

It was possible to know first-hand that more than 100 proposals will be presented, among which strategies and pertinent recommendations will be outlined to preserve our territory, which by right belongs to Venezuela. Said proposal will continue to increase substantially as long as there is a space to settle through dialogue to solve in a satisfactory way for both affected parties. For his part, the General-in-Chief, stressed during his speech: “We are not settling this dispute with arms, we are making an exhortation to solve this controversy, in a satisfactory manner, with political dialogue through the mechanisms of the Geneva Agreement ”.

Likewise, he then stated: “In a letter from President Nicolás Maduro, sent to the UN Secretary General, he stated that if dialogue is not called to settle this dispute through the provisions of the Geneva Agreement, it will be a threat not only to the peace of Venezuela but of the entire region ”.

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By the way, of the endless aggressions against the Homeland, the General in Chief highlighted: “It has been wanted to sow a world matrix of those who lend themselves to the imperial game in Venezuelan territory, that there is an oppressive country (Venezuela) that acts against an oppressed nation (Cooperative Republic of Guyana) and those who flaunt these matrices in the international community are completely unaware of our libertarian history ”.

“As long as the FANB exists, Venezuela will not lose another millimeter of its territory and I repeat again: Without a warmongering attitude and without a military offensive, we have already established our diplomatic position,” the GC specified during his statements.