Arrival in Brazil of 30 M577 A2 Armored Vehicles “donated” by the USA

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Arrival in Brazil 30 M577 A2 Armored Vehicles at the port of Paranaguá, in a logistical maneuver that had the support of the 5th Logistics Battalion, 15th Self-propelled Field Artillery Group and 27th Brazilian Logistics Battalion, on 09/15/2020. 30 M577 A2 armored vehicles, vehicles “donated by the United States”.

The vehicles, from Galveston, in Texas state , will be disassembled, revised and adapted to the needs of the Brazilian Armed Forces at the military base in Curitiba, the capital of the state of Paraná, to be used later in training and defense, according to a statement from the management of Paranaguá Port .

The M577 A2 model is an amphibious armored vehicle equipped with a 212 horsepower diesel engine and compatible with various combat and surveillance platforms of the Brazilian Army.

“Due to its versatility it can be adapted for other functions, such as ambulance, firing station and communications,” explained Albino Silva.

The Brazilian Army had already received 96 tanks of the same model in October 2018 and another 52 in September 2016 as part of the cooperation project with the United States, which provides for the delivery of another 30 this year.

The donation is part of the agreement signed in October 2000 by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense of Brazil and the Department of Defense of the United States and by which surplus material of the United States Armed Forces that is already in deposit is made available to Brazil.

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