Arrest warrants against 11 members of the criminal plot who intend to appropriate Venezuela’s gold

Arrest warrants against 11 members of the criminal plot who intend to appropriate gold from Venezuela

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Arrest warrants and assets freezing against 5 citizens who have tried to usurp functions of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), as well as against 3 fake officials of the nonexistent Office of the Special Prosecutor appointed by Juan Guaidó and against 3 fake representatives of Venezuela, who have intervened in the appropriation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela gold, deposited in the Bank of England.

This was announced by the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, who condemned that these citizens join and favor foreign interests and have conspired to make the Venezuelan people suffer due to shortages of food, medicine and gasoline, while enriching themselves by attacking the country.

The measures of judicialization of arrest warrants and freezing of assets are for: Ricardo Adolfo Villasmil, Giacoma Cuius Cortesia, Manuel Rodríguez Armesta, Nelson Andrés Lugo and Carlos Antonio Suáres for usurping BCV functions; also against José Ignacio Hernández, Irene De Lourdes Loreto and Geraldine Afiuni; as well as against Vanesa Neumann, Julio Andrés Borges and Carlos Vecchio.

All these people are accused of treason,functions’s usurpation and association to commit crimes.

Saab warned that the sentence of a British court of first instance known this Thursday, aims to deny the Venezuelan Government its power to dispose of the gold from its international reserves deposited in England and give legal character to an imperial-style dispossession operation.

“The excuse was to create an internal government, a parapet that the Trump government found to strip Venezuela of its assets abroad. This action by the British government is part of the planning carried out by the United States government in January 2019. This planning was carried out in the Situational Room of the White House and actively incorporated several countries of the European Union; among them the United Kingdom ”, he emphasized.

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He recalled that John Bolton himself in his book, alludes that the decision not to deliver the gold to the Central Bank of Venezuela was agreed between Trump and the British government, to prevent Venezuela from having foreign currency to make imports despite the fact that international treaties establish that no country can act to change the government of another country, a principle established in the framework of international law after the Second World War.

“They want to deliver our wealth to foreign powers, instead of being used to buy medicines and food necessary for the country,” repudiated the highest representative of the Public Ministry.

He reiterated that the fiction endorsed by a first instance court in England, on the grounds that the government of England recognized Guaidó as the alleged Interim President of Venezuela, a position that doesn’t exist in the Constitution, is unaware of the sentences handed down by the TSJ, in which the so-called Statute for Transition was declared null and non-existent, as well as the appointment of the aforementioned Ad Hoc Board of Directors of the BCV.

The British court ignored that in reality none of the members of the administrative board appointed by Guaidó lives in the country, but in the United States and one in Colombia, two of the conspiracy centers against Venezuela.

In addition, the decision doesn’t know that the ambassador of the United Kingdom in Venezuela delivered his credential letters to President Nicolás Maduro and that diplomatic relations between the two countries are conducted through the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry led by Jorge Arreaza

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