Armed groups in Colombia are training, to sabotage Venezuela 6D parliamentary elections

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President Nicolás Maduro pointed out this Saturday, October 10, the main focus of the threat against Venezuelan people is Colombia, a nation in which mercenary groups are training with the mission of attacking the constitutional thread and the nation peace.

This was stated by the president during his participation in the online forum Internationalist Festival of Peoples in Resistance 2020, an event that aims to vindicate the anti-imperialist struggle and in which the musician Roger Waters, former Ecuador presidents, Brazil and Bolivia participated, Rafael Correa, Dilma Rousseff and Evo Morales, respectively; as well as Aleida Guevara, among others.

“This year we were able to contain the armed incursion of mercenaries trained in Colombia,” he said, while adding in that neighboring country “more than a thousand mercenaries are being trained under Colombian National Army guide,and intelligence structures of Colombia. Colombia, under knowledge, protection and support of President Iván Duque ”.

In this sense, he specified that the Colombian president “is part of these plans to arm mercenaries, terrorists, who intend to infiltrate Venezuela to sabotage the political and electoral climate.”

And that is not new,Look this old video,that’s how mercenaries were training on a drug dealer’s country house.