Argentine troops arrived in Brazil to participate in the military exercise Operation Arandu

Tropas argentinas llegaron a Brasil para participar en el ejercicio militar Operación Arandu

Tropas argentinas llegaron a Brasil para participar en el ejercicio militar Operación Arandu

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Since November 16, Operation Arandu has been taking place, a combined military exercise between Brazil and Argentina armies. The two armies will go to the field to carry out issues planned since 2017, in the Hermandad, Yaguareté and Saci / Duende operations.

The Brazilian and Argentine military will be integrated, with training and use of armored vehicles, air-mobile operations, air-ground operations and special operations, carrying out actions to take advantage of success and connection, in a conventional combat tactical framework. Among the activities, the transposition of the water course stands out, ensuring the mobility of the troops in the face of river obstacles, in addition to the use of rockets from the Astros System.

The result of an international commitment between Brazil and Argentina, Operation Arandu reinforces military diplomacy between the two countries, consolidating ties of union, cooperation and friendship. In addition, among the objectives are the exchange of doctrinal experiences, the establishment of common standards of combined work, the consolidation of the lessons learned, the mutual understanding of the tactics, techniques and procedures that the military organizations of the two participating nations will use.

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