Antonio Ledezma antichavista some kind of a wacko.

Se le va la olla a el antichavista Antonio Ledezma

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For those who doesn’t know Antonio Ledezma, he was a corrupt politician and responsible for massacres in Venezuela. But Antonio Ledezma tweed is already bordering on madness:

The Latin American Cartel threatens everyone.
I remember to US Gob. those who attacked the Twin Towers (World Trade Center) are allies and protected from the drug trafficking of Maduro.
Be clear then, the problem isn`t only ours, they have the White House in their sights.

Please don`t laugh…..

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Who the hell is Antonio Ledezma?

 Antonio Ledezma`s one of the most questioned opposition leaders during the so-called IV Republic in Venezuela, a disastrous episode of country’s political history characterized by persecution, repression and violation of human rights.

On November 18, Ledezma escaped his house arrest in Caracas, crossed Venezuelan Colombian border by boat, until finally arriving in Spain, a country that welcomed him placidly despite his condition as a fugitive.
Among his most famous crimes

Massacre in 1989: On February 27, 1989 there was a social explosion in Venezuela called El Caracazo where more than 3 thousand people were killed during street protests, due to severe economic crisis and poverty that was experienced in the country.

Ledezma, then governor of Caracas, was directly responsible for the decisions taken at executive level of the extinct Metropolitan Police (PM), a police force that received orders to kill and brutally repress citizens during protests.

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Murder of students during IV Republic : Hundreds of dead students fell in Caracas streets in the management of Antonio Ledezma; members of the Student Movement of that time were killed, disappeared, tortured and imprisoned through repressive body of the Metropolitan Police.
Cientos de estudiantes muertos cayeron en las calles de Caracas en la gestión de Antonio Ledezma; miembros del Movimiento Estudiantil de esa época fueron abatidos, desaparecidos, torturados y encarcelados a través del cuerpo represor de la Policía Metropolitana.

Coup d’etat and oil strike of 2002The former mayor of Caracas supported military gathered in the Plaza Altamira who ignored the government and the constitution, a scenario prior to the coup against Chavez on April 11, 2002.

“Retén de Catia” prison massacre.Another one crimes that falls on Ledezma is the murder of 200 inmates of Judicial Detention Center of Catia, Caracas, on November 27, 1992. In the midst of the tense atmosphere that was lived during military insurrection 27-N, the director of the criminal, Eloy Mora, ordered the custodians to open the cells so prisoners could leave peacefully (there was no escape of prisoners).

According to testimony of several witnesses of the place, an ambush was activated, in which Mora himself accompanied by members of the National Guard and the Metropolitan Police (under the command of Antonio Ledezma), shot and murdered more than 200 private of freedom.

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