Anti-government protests but not to sanctions in Venezuela, how weird…

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Anti-government protests but not to sanctions in Venezuela, how weird…

New protests were registered this Friday in Venezuela as a result of a shortage of basic products and services, including gasoline and electricity. The epicenter of the demonstrations took place in Yaracuy State.

While they only blame one on President Nicolás Maduro, who for some minorities is president when things go wrong, and they organize this type of protests in pandemics’s times and in Venezuela’s case a criminal blockade is added. Yaracuy, You know what? You’re not the only ones who are having a bad time, all the peoples of the world are having a bad time at this time, millions of people will be out of work, the world economy is breaking down.

Public services such as water, if any part is damaged and imported is a problem, gasoline, the entire refinery infrastructure is made up of American technology … until that situation is changed to Chinese and Iranian technology there will be a shortage, food, some Products to be processed and used for consumption are imported and guess what … I know you already know.

And who asked for all this? Juan Guaido, Nicolás Maduro’s also guilty but at least he is doing something to fix things, Juan Guaido is doing everything possible to make things worse for the Venezuelan people and some who are having a hard time still defend it.

Venezuela Now do you understand sanctions aren’t for Nicolás Maduro is for you?

The protesters also destroyed one cars from the local mayor’s office. “The town is angry” says the one who records it …, angry? of course they have to be irritated, but this minority doesn’t blame the Venezuelan right wing for how badly they are having a hard time, who led them to this situation.

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