All about Silvercorp and op Gideon II in Venezuela

Todo acerca de Silvercorp y la operación Gedeón II en Venezuela

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Hahaha I’m sorry … excuse me, but this starts like this, these mercenerios are sold in the market:


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Where Silvercorp connected with the traitors to the homeland of Venezuela …

At the “humanitarian aid” concert in Cúcuta Colombia.

The “contractor” of the failed “invasion” of Venezuela, Jordan Goudreau, traveled to Cúcuta to the Venezuela Aid Live concert on February 23, 2019. There Goudreau provided security services.
El "contratista" de "invasión" a Venezuela, Jordan Goudreau, viajó a Cúcuta al concierto Venezuela Aid Live el    23 Febrero 2019, junto con modelo y actriz Patricia Velásquez, según confirma foto publicada en IG de @silvercorpusa. Allí Goudreau prestó servicios de seguridad.

What could go wrong?

Jordan Goudreau together with another traitor to the homeland ex-military Javier Nieto Quintero published a video where they are awarded the operation, making excuses for a ton of lies to justify the crime they are committing.

First group down

Days before, ex-military man Robert Colina, aka Pantera, killed in the terrorist incursion, released a video asking for support to the loyal troops of Venezuela from Colombia.
[fvplayer id=”158″]

During the early hours of Sunday, May 3, 2020, a group of mercenaries from Colombia tried to enter Venezuelan territory in speedboats off the coast of Macuto, in the state of La Guaira. The FANB’s “Negro Primero” operation neutralized the so-called “op Gideon”,which is part of a destabilizing plan to carry out a coup in Venezuela, and murder of Chavista leaders.


According to the authorities report, 8 criminals killed, including Captain Robert Colina, alias “Pantera”, linked to the coup plans unveiled months ago, with Clíver Alcalá Cordones

Rober Colina alias Pantera
Robert Colina aka Pantera

Ten assault rifles, a 9-millimeter Glock pistol, two AFAG machine guns and cartridges of different caliber were seized. It was learned that the machine guns were stolen from the Federal Legislative Palace on April 30.

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Likewise, the mercenaries had six truck-type vehicles, a speedboat and two outboard motors; all these seized by the authorities.


The initial information of the frustrated incursion was released by Minister Néstor Reverol, who announced that the tracking operation continues by air, sea and land. The head of Interior Relations, Justice and Peace didn’t rule out future arrests, apart from the two citizens involved in the confrontation with the authorities captured in Macuto.

Second group down

Union civivico-militar Venezolano

In a civic-military operation, so criticized in a contemptuous tone (they are a bit old, toothless, flip flops, etc.) by opponents of the Nicolas Maduro government, the second group falls on t Chuao’s shorts, Aragua state.

  The speedboats used by members of Operation Gedeon were detected from the air by the Bolivarian Naval Aviation of Venezuela.

As a result, 8 more detainees on this occasion did not put up resistance

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Notable detainees include two Silvercorp mercenaries, Veterans of the 10th Special Forces Group Luke Denman (ODA 0136) and Aaron Barry, according to which the CIA tried to dissuade them in Jamaica. But they ignored it.

And former Venezuelan military officer, Josnar Adolfo Baduel, who declared that the American mercenaries detained in the Aragua state by Venezuelan intelligence officials linked to the President of the States, Donald Trump.

The 2 US detainees “are intermediaries (…) They say they work with the security advisory of the US president,” he confessed..

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links with Donald Trump, yes there is although he disassociates himself from this operation, since, they have served them:

Third group down

Rodolfo Rodríguez and Yeferson Fernández, former desert police officers, two other mercenaries of Operation Gedeon, captured between Puerto Cruz and Puerto Maya (tourist fishing towns of the Central Littoral).

Op Venezuelan shield

This Tuesday, the Bolivarian Government revealed in detail data on the dismantling of the so-called Operation Gideon, carried out by a group of Venezuelan mercenaries and promoted by the Government of Colombia that planned, organized, trained and provided logistics to this terrorist group, after orders issued by the Donald Trump administration.

The sectoral vice president for Communication, Culture and Tourism, Jorge Rodríguez, from Miraflores Palace in Caracas, reproached the low level which the Government of Trump and Iván Duque tried to take advantage of the situation that the Venezuelan people are going through, due to the pandemic of the Covid-19, when trying to bathe the national territory with blood.

“It’s demonstrated that the Government of Colombia uses its territory to plan, organize, train and provide logistics to all those who seek acts of violence and aggression against Venezuela”,

He also denounced the Minister for Communication and Information after reiterating that Iván Duque allows the establishment of mercenary training camps until the launch of a plan to assassinate President Nicolás Maduro, in which the intelligence services and the Armed Forces have participated from that country, as well as officials from the Drug Control Administration (DEA) who bribe drug traffickers to generate logistical and financial support for this type of action.

He also assured that the absolute commitment of the extreme right deputy Juan Guaidó with these violent plans is confirmed. “They can no longer deny it,” he said after criticizing that this sector of the Venezuelan opposition opposed signing the humanitarian agreement proposed several times by the Head of State to join wills in the fight against the pandemic by Covid-19.

Rodríguez recalled that since March 25, the Bolivarian Government showed evidence of the paramilitary training camps in Riohacha and disseminated the coordinates of this ranch that served as a refuge for mercenary groups that were trained by agents of a North American private company and maintained contact with the DEA.

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Here are some of those reported data:

Camps location: Riohacha

  1. Camp 1: led by Robert Colina Ibarra, aka “Pantera”, trusted man of the fugitive from Venezuelan justice Cliver Alcalá Cordones
  2. Camp 2: led by Juvenal Sequea Torres.
  3. Camp 3: Mata Sanguinetti

    Operational Chief: Antonio José Sequea Torres

    General leader of the operation: Cliver Alcalá Cordones..

All these data provided by the Venezuelan Government were ignored by Iván Duque and the Colombian authorities, who in previous days had received the surprise of the seizure of a batch of weapons of war, which later the deserter and drug trafficker Alcalá Cordones reconoció públicamente que le pertenecían, after having signed a contract between Juan Guaidó, JJ Rendón and the company Silvercorp, to execute actions that included the assassination of President Nicolás Maduro.

“Iván Duque ignored him because he was within the commitment he made to Donald Trump,” reiterated the complaint, Rodríguez, who also revealed that intelligence and counterintelligence information allowed the Venezuelan authorities to anticipate these terrorist plans since mid-April. .

The alert had already informed the Venezuelan authorities that they knew that contingents of mercenaries would move from Riohacha’s camps a ranch linked to the drug trafficker Elkin Javier López Torres, aka “Doble Rueda”, a relative of Alcalá Cordones’s wife, who He was later protected by the US authorities, who allegedly removed him from the territory of the neighboring country.

Subsequently, intelligence work specified that on the night of May 1, two boats were going to leave from the “Doble rueda” ranch, located in Colombian Guajira, whose coordinates are: 11 ″ 53´50.6 N and 72 ″ 14´ 0.3.1 W.

However, there was also information of an internal quarrel among the mercenary groups. The reason was about the untimely departure of Alcalá Cordones, also fugitive from justice in Venezuela, Iván Simonovis, took the opportunity to promote a change of command with Antonio Sequea, instead of aka “Pantera”, who was a man trusted by Alcalá.

Despite these internal fights, the two boats set sail with the following description:

1) Avant-garde speedboat commanded by aka “Pantera” 12 mercenaries on board bound for the state of La Guaira, with instructions to carry out work to assault Miraflores and the headquarters of DGCIM and SEBIN, as well as selective assassinations of political and social leaders and business. This boat traveled a long way to Macuto, where José Alberto Socorro Hernández was apprehended, who had the task of making the saint and sign for the action of the Special Actions Forces (FAES), stationed on the coasts to dismantle the destabilizing plans . After this fact, the civil-military-police union officials awaited the disembarkation of the negative leader alias “Pantera”, who made arms against the Republic, generating a confrontation that left the balance of 8 killed, five captured and 1 subject who is missing.

2) Largest motorboat commanded by Antonio Sequea, in it traveled Josnar Baduel and two North American instructors along with 42 mercenaries. This boat apparently suffers a malfunction of one of the engines so it’s delayed and cannot reach La Guaira. However, it is presumed that due to the quarrels between Antonio Sequea and aka “Pantera”, it could be an abandonment that changed the plan. After activating a satellite phone, the group of mercenaries found out through social networks that the patriotic forces managed to repel and control the attempted coup and assassination, so they decided to travel to Bonaire, but the amount of fuel they are not allowed from the boat and they begin to skirt the Venezuelan coasts, leaving Falcón and La Guaira several mercenaries to their fate. Feeling surrounded, they decide to remove the roof of the boat so that it would go unnoticed.

Later, a group of 8 of them, among whom are Sequea, Baduel and the two US mercenaries, move to the Aragonese coasts to try to disembark in Chuao, where the people capture them, tie them up and hand them over to the authorities.
US mercenaries Luke and Aaron are down

Following the order of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro to activate the second phase of the Bolivarian Shield Military Exercises, to date this is the list of mercenaries down by the civic-military-police union:

  • Víctor Alejandro Pimienta Salazar, defector of the GNB (Logistics chief who maintained contact with drug trafficking in the Colombian Guajira)
  • Rodolfo Jesús Rodríguez Orellana, Baruta’s police.
  • Raúl Edurado Manzanilla Almao, military deserter.
  • Wilmer Oswaldo Colina Sánchez, military deserter.
  • Antonio José Sequea Torres, military deserter (Head of the Operation after giving a Coup d’etat within the mercenary group).
  • Josnard Adolfo Baduel Oyoque, Raúl Baduel’s son, who has participated in different conspiracy actions.
  • Fernando Andrés Noya Contramaestre, civil.
  • Cosme Rafael Alcalá Acosta, pescador civil.
  • Jefferson Fernando Díaz Vásquez, Miranda’s police.
  • José Armando Alvarado Flores, National’s police.
  • Enderson Israel Ríos Marín, National’s police.
  • Luis Manuel Paiva Soto, mercenary.
  • Estewin Rojas Tapia, mercenary.
  • Enderson Rumi Mogollón, mercenary.
  • Luke Alexander Denman, American civilian contractor, who has worked as Donald Trump’s security.
  • Airan Seth, a US civilian contractor, who has worked as a security officer for Donald Trump.

A persecution of the rest of the members of this terrorist group continues and the authorities hope that in the next few hours there will be a complete disarticulation of this destabilizing plan.

More information on the updated Gideon operation