Aftermath bombing of Syrian rebels’ oil facilities

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The Syrian opposition uses the Al-Hamran crossing at Jarablus to transport and trade stolen oil.

According to local sources, at least three rockets hit the area, killing three and wounding nine so far.

‌Some media have cited Quirz airport as the site of the shooting, some Syrian sources cited the Hamimim base as the source of the attack, and others cited the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean.

The Turkish media and other major reports didn’t speculate on who fired the missiles. Anadolu, a state-backed channel in Turkey, said three people were killed and dozens injured. He said that “ballistic missiles were fired. Over the Tarhin region of the al-Bab district and the Al-Hamran region of the Jarablus district, on the border with Turkey. In the regions where the attacks took place, there are oil refining facilities that work with primitive methods. Violent explosions occurred after many tanker trucks in the area caught fire. ”