A UN fact-finding mission accuses Venezuela of “crimes against humanity”

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A UN fact-finding mission accuses Venezuela of “crimes against humanity”

The United Nations (UN) assured the Venezuelan government has committed “atrocious violations” that amount to crimes against humanity.

This is stated in a report prepared by an investigative mission that works for the UN Human Rights Council and investigated a series of murders, torture and disappearances that have occurred in Venezuela in recent years.

They speak on the basis of witnesses and relatives of “victims” when the vast majority of these statements are from people in Colombia or Miami … Once again, who was murdered? Where are the reports of disappearance?

They speak of “confidential documents”, that is, of evidence that according to them they have in their hands but they cannot show … What is a disappointment, when investigating alleged crimes against humanity, nothing can be “confidential”, everything must be public because what is affirmed is very serious.

Venezuela’s cooperation with the Human Rights Council of the United Nations has been generated in a coordinated and constructive manner with the Office of the High Commissioner. Progress has been remarkable and this has been recognized by Ms. Michelle Bachelet when announcing the renewal of relationships.

Since December 2, 2019, the government of Venezuela affirmed that it doesn’t recognize any politicized and inquisitive mechanism, created for ideological purposes by countries with terrible human rights records, to attack Venezuela and try to damage the relationship with the Office of the High Commissioner .

A report full of falsehoods, prepared remotely, without any methodological rigor, by a phantom mission directed against Venezuela and controlled by governments subordinate to Washington, illustrates the perverse practice of engaging in human rights politics and not human rights politics.

Who are the ones who made the “report” from outside Venezuela?

The president of the Human Rights Council, Ambassador Coly Seck (Senegal), announced the appointment of Marta Valiñas (Portugal), Francisco Cox Vial (Chile) and Paul Seils (United Kingdom), all the evidence they have is from the Internet and some Venezuelan told me, since they cannot enter the country.

Since last year, the Venezuelan Government had denounced these foreign organizations based many of their reports on common deaths of civilians who were killed by murder, drugs or simple fights … But they were taken as State murders, because yes.

No country is clean, and in Venezuela there are probably wrongful deaths and they are crimes that should be prosecuted, without a doubt!

Although it’s “surprising” that there is no talk of crimes against humanity represented by sanctions and blockades against the Venezuelan population, isn’t what these “reports” speak of.