5 Colombian soldiers were injured after being ambushed and entered a mined area

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Colombians Army members were carrying out the eradication of coca crops, in a Teoarama rural area, when they were ambush by armed groups, soldiers stepped on a minefield in the fighting.

When they stepped on the mines with explosives, a noncommissioned officer and four soldiers were injured, who were transferred by helicopter to a clinic in Cúcuta.

The authorities blame GAO (The Emerging Criminal Gangs and Criminal Gangs (BACRIM), called thus in the government of Álvaro Uribe Vélez, Organized Armed Groups (GAO), Organized Criminal Groups (GDO) and Residual Organized Armed Groups (GAOR) at present), Residual and National Liberation Army (ELN) for this new violent action registered in the Catatumbo area.

In this area there is a presence of the ELN, the Pelusos and dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia—People’s Army
(FARC) .

The Army and the Police have been carrying out operations in several municipalities in the Catatumbo area where there is a presence of various armed groups, the authorities state that drug trafficking is the cause of this violence, in towns such as Tibú, El Tarra, Hacarí, Teorama, San Calixto and Convention.