30 human rights organizations in Venezuela expressed their concern about Colombian irregular groups actions in Apure state

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A total of 30 human rights organizations in Venezuela expressed their concern about Colombian irregular groups actions in Apure state, since this groups threaten the peace and tranquility of citizens.

Through a statement, they stated that “the internal war that Colombia has been experiencing for decades and its status as the world’s leading producer and exporter of cocaine, has a negative impact on Venezuela, which has historically been a host country for Colombian refugees in the last 30 years ”.

Here is the full text of the statement:

The human and social rights organizations of Venezuela express our concern about the actions undertaken by Colombian irregular armed groups in the territory of the Apure state, which have threatened and violated human rights of its inhabitants, generating their movement both within Venezuelan territory and to Colombian border towns. Actions that have also resulted in the deaths of members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and irregular groups themselves.

This situation has been aggravated by the refusal of the Colombian Executive Power to comply with the peace agreements reached with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, guarantee the safety of social leaders who are assassinated daily and to effectively combat the production and export of cocaine, as well as as for his animosity towards the current Venezuelan government.

The events of the last few days imply a radicalization of the actions of the armed groups that live in border areas of Colombia, moving to the occupation of Venezuelan territory for criminal purposes and exercising violence against civilian population, as they have historically done in Colombia.

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It is widely known the internal violence in Colombia has made that country the first in number of displaced persons in the world, with an estimated 8 million, a situation that seems to be moving to Venezuelan territory.

In this context, we urge the Venezuelan State to guarantee sovereignty, territorial integrity, and peace in the Antarctic territory, understanding that if the use of public force is necessary to protect the population and achieve such ends, it must be done with full guarantee of human rights.

In this regard, we urge the Public Ministry and the Office of the Ombudsman that in the event of receiving complaints about possible violations carried out by State security forces or by irregular groups, they be investigated and processed as soon as possible.

Finally, we call on the Venezuelan government to continue and accelerate all necessary measures so the mobilized population of Apure can return to their homes with guarantees of security and protection against future actions of these irregular groups.

They sign:
1. Red Venezolana de Derechos Humanos
2. Asociación Venezolana de Juristas
3. Sures
4. Fundalatin
5. Género con Clase
6. Intersaber
7. Red Ciega
8. Rompiendo la Norma
9. Base Lésbica Venezuela
10. Movimiento social de la Sexo Diversidad (estado Bolívar)
11. Movimiento social sexo diversidad Ronny Ortega (estado Aragua)
12. Colectivo Juventud Rebelde Venezuela
13. Fundación Embajada de Derechos Humanos
14. Heroínas Sin Barreras
15. Dignidad LGBTIQ Venezuela
16. Fundación Academia ARMIF
17. Frente Bicentenario de Mujeres 200
18. Movimiento de la SexoDiversidad Unexca
19. Red La Araña Feminista
20. SexoDiversidad Campesina
21. Fundación de Víctimas contra el Sicariato Campesino
22. FVEU Sexo Diversidad Nacional
23. Movimiento de Pobladoras y Pobladores
24. Bloque Socialista de Liberación Homosexual
25. Consejo Nacional de la Diversidad Sexual
26. Juventud Sexo Diversa del Movimiento Paz y Vida
27. Movimiento Social Sexodiversidad (estado Apure)
28. Soy [email protected] de Juventud Rebelde
29. Movimiento de Mujeres por la Patria Latinoaméricana
30. Movimiento de Abogados por la Patria Grande