271 Griffon and 42 Jaguar reconnaissance vehicles’re be delivered to France

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On September 22, the French General Directorate of Armaments (DGA) announced the issuance of a second serial contract to the consortium Nexter Systems, Arquus and Thales for the supply of 313 wheeled (6×6) armored vehicles Griffon and Jaguar series under the SCORPION program to the French army.

According to it, 271 Griffon cars and 42 Jaguar reconnaissance vehicles are to be delivered in 2022-2023. Now the first serial contract of 2017 is being implemented for the supply of 339 vehicles (319 Griffon and 20 Jaguar). The Griffon began deliveries in 2019, with Jaguar deliveries expected from 2021.

The VBMR Griffon is a French multi-role armored vehicle that will replace the French Army’s VAB armored personnel carrier.
Unit cost: €1 million/vehicle
Variants: Armored Personnel Carrier / Command Post / Ambulance / Artillery Observer
Used by: France, Belgium
Engine: 298 kW (400 hp)
Height: 3.0 m (9 ft 10 in)
Maximum speed: 110 km/h (68 mph)
Manufacturer: Nexter, Thales, Arquus.

The EBRC Jaguar is a French armored reconnaissance and combat vehicle that will replace the French Army’s VCAC, AMX 10 RC and ERC 90 Sagaie reconnaissance and fire support vehicles. Wikipedia
Armour: 14.5 mm resistant
Engine: 500 hp
Unit cost: €1 million/vehicle
Used by: France, Belgium
Manufacturer: Nexter, Thales, Arquus
Main armament: CTA CT40 40 mm cannon
Operational range: 800 km (500 mi)

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