10 keys to understanding the murder of Venezuelan terrorist Óscar Pérez

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By @wofnon

For those who didn’t see it, here is the video of how the Venezuelan security forces managed to kill the criminal of the Venezuelan “opposition” and CIA agent Oscar Perez.

The terrorist Óscar Pérez was surrounded in a sector of El Junquito (area near Caracas), where he was entrenched with his criminal group. Official data show that five of them were captured, the rest were killed.

The confrontation left 5 officers of the Bolivarian National Police seriously injured and two dead. However, there’re other data that we want to share with you today to contextualize the fact and also deepen the analysis. As always we thank you for share it.

1) On June 27, 2017, in the context of a violent color revolution sponsored by the US and Venezuelan far-right parties, the former CICPC (Venezuela’s scientific police) official, Óscar Pérez, attacked two headquarters of public powers with grenades and shots.

2) In one of them; the Supreme Court of Justice, operates a preschool. Óscar Pérez’s attacks endangered the lives of dozens of boys and girls who were there, as well as institution’s workers.

3) The action generated a significant stir on social networks; Venezuelan media and political leaders linked to the US State Department tried to transform him into a hero to justify his armed actions in the near future.

4) Let us remember that paramilitarism has been used as an asymmetric resource in the Unconventional War against Venezuela, since the plans to overthrow and institutional clash promoted by anti-Chavismo have not achieved the stated ends.

5) It is remarkable how unlike the a.k.a. El Picure, who for a long time enjoyed legitimacy in the media as the leader of the armed front against Venezuela, Óscar Pérez was directly linked to the violent opposition insurrection that ended after the National Constituent Assembly.

6) Another event attached to the criminal figure of Oscar Pérez occurred in August 2017: Fort Paramacay in Carabobo state was attacked in a paramilitary operation called “Operation David.” It was led by a former officer of the Bolivarian National Guard, Juan Carlos Caguaripano.

7) Óscar Pérez assumed he was linked to “Operation David” and on December 19 he led an armed robbery of the Bolivarian National Guard Command, located in Laguneta de la Montaña, San Antonio de los Altos, Miranda state.

8) A no less important piece of information for the analysis of this case: With Óscar Pérez, they sought to give legitimacy and financing to a rising terrorist cell, professionalized in irregular warfare tactics, in order to include armed agents in the Venezuelan political conflict.

9) As in the violence scenarios of 2014 and 2017, the operation to capture Óscar Pérez demonstrates the anticipation and capacity of the Venezuelan intelligence to dismantle armed structures.

10) It is also vital to remember how conflicts in Syria, Libya and Ukraine began with terrorist cells that after taking positions and expanding their capacities were transformed into armies, leading these countries to theaters of civil war, under the auspices of the United States and the NATO.”

The imposition of a false “hero”

After the fact, different national and international media showed the image of Óscar Pérez as a hero of the Venezuelan opposition and reduced his crimes to acts of “rebellion” against the government. Most of the news portals reported the death as the result of a alleged direct persecution of government forces, when it was a strong confrontation, in which Venezuelan officials also lost their lives, as was reported by the Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace, Néstor Reverol, and other authorities of the country. First Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Diosdado Cabello, condemned the acts perpetrated by the terrorist group, now dismantled, and any terrorist action against the country.

Medios venezolanos blanqueando la imagen de un terrorista
Medios venezolanos blanqueando la imagen de un terrorista


The criminal killed a few years ago in Venezuela, if he enjoyed something, it was good patronage, I wonder if someone with a some sanity could call “hero” a guy who commits terrorism, works for the CIA🇺🇸 and also” it is found:

  • 🔸Ak-103 rifles.
  • 🔸Ak-103 rifle magazines.
  • 🔸Two rifles.
  • 🔸A shotgun.
  • 🔸A CICPC jacket.
  • 🔸Various military uniforms
  • 🔸Radios.
  • 🔸Masks.
  • 🔸 Smoke grenades.
  • 🔸Mount of various calibers
  • .

Defend a terrorist who shot civilians by throwing grenades at public buildings. When he was found by the security forces, with 11 videos posted by himself, selfies, in one of the videos he is observed talking without problems with a major of the police.

If they had wanted to kill him from the beginning, with snipers right there, they send the guy to account to God, but no, for 8 hours they gave him all the possibilities, his terrorist friends opened fire, killed two policemen and see … ..dead ended